Paul D. Irving Esq. is an accomplished career prosecutor with 20 years of experience in both the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office and the Monroe County Law Department. As a 19-year veteran of the District Attorney’s Office, Irving handled hundreds of cases in court rooms throughout Rochester and all of Monroe County. Irving is responsible for numerous convictions in several high profile cases. The arsonist who burned down the Family Dollar Store on North Clinton Avenue in Rochester is now in prison because of Irving and his collaboration with other law enforcement agencies. His work was so thorough and exemplary that he was officially recognized by current Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy.

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The mother who left her children home alone to buy beer that consequently resulted in the death of her 3-year old daughter after a fire tore through their apartment is now in prison for criminal negligent homicide. It was a difficult case for Irving as he witnessed the devastating injuries of the surviving children. But as a prosecutor, Mr. Irving’s mission has always been to seek justice for the victims of a crime.

As Chief of the Arson Bureau, Irving worked closely with agents from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau, local firefighters and investigators. He conducted undercover investigations of improvised explosive devices and he coordinated the legal use of wiretapping/eavesdropping devices, took charge of confidential informants and search warrants to prosecute cases.

As Chief of the Gun Bureau, Irving prosecuted violent gang members who terrorized innocent families. Dozens of gang members who were involved in illegal gun trafficking are now off the streets because of his work. We’ve all heard the horror stories. Illegal guns are used in many of the murders committed on the streets of Rochester. Irving knows the law. The people of Monroe County need his knowledge and extensive experience on the Monroe County Court bench.

Irving currently works for the Monroe County Law Department as a Deputy County Attorney. Irving represents the Department of Health and Human Services, specifically for abused and neglected children. He also serves as a juvenile prosecutor. Irving thoroughly reviews each case and presents them in court in order to find the best resolution for both the community and the children and teens that appear in court.

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